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love love love it hopefully itll help me

really nice and easy to use

Spartan Simplicity delivers the goods

The Growth journal is the simplest, yet clarifying journal I used to date. Its simplicity brings clarity and gives direction.

Can’t recommend it enough.

really good so helpful i love it

Challenging, which is exactly what I needed.

This journal, although I am only 10 questions in, has already proven to help me reflect in various aspects of myself and of my life, and has challenged me to seriously examine certain things and write down true and honest feelings. I’m looking forward to continuing the Pulse journey and learning more about myself while receiving help coping and going through a grieving process during the most difficult time of my life. Would absolutely recommend.

The Ultimate Growth Bundle
Isabella Rodriguez
Best investment

This bundle has been the best investment in myself. It’s helped me prioritize my mental and physical health.

Beautiful and thoughtful!

The presentation and thoughtfulness of the bundle are beyond. Every detail is perfect.

Inspired every day ❤️

I’ve found daily motivation through the digital workbooks. They’re thought-provoking and insightful.

Life-changing journey

I never knew how much I needed this bundle until I started using it. The guided journal has been a revelation for my mental health.

Essential for self-care

This bundle has everything you need for a comprehensive self-care routine. Highly recommend.

Must-have for personal growth!!

If you’re on a journey of personal growth, this bundle is a must-have. It’s helped me so much

The Ultimate Growth Bundle
Alexander Garcia
Perfect gift

I bought this for my sister, and she’s been raving about it ever since. It makes the perfect gift!

The best journal and pen!


The Growth is a great book

Arrived fast and in great condition. I've only done 1 page but I love it so far.

Very interactive and great for those who don’t feel they can commit to a journal!

I have adhd and love the thought of journaling but I can never commit to it. This journal has a page to color in a circle for each question you’ve completed and the questions are so good! You really have to sit and think about yourself, and figure out who you truly are. Highly recommend

Great prompts! I’m excited to do this to start my mornings

Best Guided Journal Ever

Love this journal! So many parts of me I never thought about.

a saver during grief

Losing my mum was the most horrible thing ever. I poured out my sadness into this journal and it made the weight slightly more bearable. Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your heartfelt experience with us. We are deeply sorry for your loss. Grieving is a personal journey and we’re glad that you’ve found a safe space to express your feelings within our journal pages. Your strength is admirable. Sending you love and light during this time ❤️

The Growth Guided Journal
Isabella Johnson
Boosting my self-confidence!

In my mid-twenties, I battled with self-worth. Every mistake felt monumental. This journal made me realize how harshly I judged myself. With continuous reflection I've learned to celebrate small wins and accept setbacks. I hold myself in a higher regard and it's all thanks to the reflective journey this journal prompted. My confidence has shot up, and I face challenges head-on!!

The Growth Guided Journal
Charlotte Taylor
My sanctuary in tough times

When battling anxiety I often felt voiceless. This journal became my sort of sanctuary where my thoughts found voice without judgment. Definitely recommend 💕

HI Charlotte, We're so touched to hear that the journal served as a sanctuary for you. Everyone deserves a safe space to express themselves. Thank you for sharing your journey and recommending. Wishing you continued strength and clarity ❤️

A friend's advice

Took a friend's advice and bought this. Best decision ever.

A dose of daily inspiration

This journal is my daily dose of inspiration. The prompts pushed me to find joy in little things, making life brighter, one day at a time.

Hi Emily, Thank you for your review! That really warms our heart! Thrilled to hear that the journal brings brightness to your days. Keep finding joy in those little moments. Life is truly made of them ❤️

facing my fears

I've always feared change and it kinda held me back. But through the regular reflection this journal offered I realized the root of my fears and faced them. I'm really proud of myself actually, this really helped!

The gift of self-awareness

As a school teacher, I often got lost in my students' world. This journal gave me the gift of self-awareness. It's become my daily ritual, helping me understand my needs, aspirations, and dreams.