5 Reasons Why 100's of Therapists Recommend This Guided Journal

By Licensed Therapist Emma Mahony

Last updated April 10, 2024

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1. It improves your mood and keeps stress away

Writing down your worries helps get them out of your head, making you feel less stressed and spending a little time journaling can actually make you feel better if you're feeling down or upset.

Just 5 minutes of journaling with can help you feel less stressed

2. It helps you find purpose when you feel lost

Guided journaling helps you figure out your goals and dreams, making your life more focused and meaningful.

This guided journal is proven to help you set healthy goals

3. It's an easy way to take care of your mental health

Journaling is like chatting with yourself. It helps you understand your feelings and thoughts better while promoting better mental health and emotional resilience.

88% said the journal prompts led to meaningful breakthroughs in addressing past traumas

4. It's more affordable than therapy

We understand that therapy can be very expensive at times. This journal is your new affordable pocket-therapist.

The average cost of a therapy session is $150 per hour

5. It helps you find happiness

Writing down the good things can make you notice the happy parts of life more, making you feel happier.

10,000+ customers have reported improvement in their lives after using this journal

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The Ultimate Growth Bundle Pulse of Potential

The Growth Guided Journal

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